Define, Christian

I’ve always been taken aback by the fact that when someone says “I’m a Christian” there seems to be a necessity to probe further. When someone says, “I’m a Christian” they could mean they just subscribe to the Christian faith, or that they attend church during major holidays, funerals, or weddings. So that often leaves people asking, “Define, Christian”.

But it was never intended to be this way.

Nowadays everyone wants to redefine everything to suit their personal outlook. But being a Christian was originally intended as a mockery for first century followers of Christ. They followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and built churches and depended upon further teachings from the apostles, such as Paul and Peter to help guide them. However, in a present day, people want to be labeled as "Christians", but not be true followers of Jesus Christ. By this, I mean that they only accept the sayings of teachings of the Bible that they like. They don’t study God’s word. Their Christian life has no bearing on their daily behavior or life. As James Macdonald has said, “If you faith hasn’t changed you, it hasn’t saved you.”

Bottom line: You can’t tell God who he is. He tells you who he is, he defines himself. And it’s either you take him or you leave him.

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