Back In the Zone

So glad that after seven months of putting down the pen, I'm taking it back up and starting work on a new novel. It's totally different than what I've produced in the past, and I'm so excited about that. I'm excited to see the ways God will inspire as I write this novel, as well as, excited to try different methods of publication this time around! Pray for me as I write, and pray that this book will get picked up by a publisher! I want to get outside my comfort zone and stray from self-publishing. I'm really committing this decision to prayer and asking that you all will pray as well!

I'll be announcing more details, such as the title and subject matter as time goes by. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, read my books, spread the word about my books, and written reviews and comments on it. I SINCERELY appreciate you! I'm glad to have taken the break I needed and to also have overcome a bit of discouragment and fear. I'm choosing to continue to perservere in what I know to be one of my passions.

Thanks again! God Bless!

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