Get Some Zephyrhills

Ok here's another lesson I've learned during this journey of singleness

Lesson #2: Don't get too excited because you've met a human being who's a Christian and doesn't have a horse face.

When you've been single for a while and the pickings seem really slim, it's so easy to become thirsty. And not for living water. It's like you're on the radar for any available men. And when you finally meet that person who's a Christian and good looking, you're happier than Jerome was when he found his gold tooth or won the players ball. (Shoutout to all the Martin fans.)

There's tons of reasons you should calm your ovaries down and pull back for a second.

  1. How do you know his character if you're so ready to plan your wedding and kids names after meeting him one time? He could be crazy, he could be mean, he could steal children's teddy bears or wheelchairs from old people. Or he could be someone who claims to be a Christian, but lives something else. There's plenty of them.

  2. He could be in a relationship, but you just don't know and now you're totally obsessed with this dude and then devastated or completely jealous when you finally see him with someone else.

  3. He might be a wonderful Christian, but just not well suited to you. Each of us has a purpose and his just might not match yours, that's ok, and you have to learn to let go instead of trying to change him or change yourself.

  4. He might not be into you. And I'll save this topic for the next time. See you next week!

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