When He Doesn't Like You

Ok so if you’ve been keeping up, this is lesson #3- He's just not that into you. Or as I would like to call it, "Homie, doesn't like you." (i'm blunt, what can I say?)

Now, who has experience in this area?

Yeah I know it can suck. But it's a reality all of us have to face. Even the supermodels like you and me. There's just moments where you like a guy and well....he doesn't. I know it hurts and I've had moments where I've bawled my eyes out because of unrequited love.

But, with the help of prayer, scriptures and friends I've got back up and realized that I'm so fiercely loved and I'm fiercely beautiful.

But the important thing is to recognize the signs that a man is really not that interested in you so that you can be free. And baby girl, if he doesn't like you....MOVE ON! If this guy you like follows any of these patterns, please just take the hint and move on.

1. He doesn't ever text you back.... or you always have to text him in order to hear from him at all. Now don't be psycho. Someone may not have the time to text or call you all day long, and that's ok. That's signs he has a life and a job, but he should be able to initiate conversation with you in some capacity.

2. If he gives you a myriad of reasons why you guys wouldn't work out.... "You're too good for me"... "It's not you, it's me"..."It's complicated"..."I don't want to mess up our friendship"..."I have no time for a relationship"..."Let's not have any titles"

3. If he only ever wants to meet up at your house or his house, that means you're a booty call and he doesn't want to be seen publicly with you.

4. If he's always too busy to spend time with you....yeah move on. He has time. Just not for you. AGAIN....please let me reiterate the psychotic thing. No man should be expected to spend every minute with you. He has a family and friends. He had a life before you came in it. Jesus at the center of it all...not you.

5. If he's still texting or flirting with other women.... run.

6. If you guys are actually in somewhat of a relationship or a one-sided relationship and this has been going on for months or God forbid, years and he refuses to introduce you to his close friends and family, say bye bye. He may be one of the Bruce Wayne's of this world....but even Batman can bring someone home to meet Alfred.

I know for some people moving on is hard. But, when you realize your worth in God, why would you settle for anything less than a man that will truly love you with Christ-like love? When a man doesn't love us the way we would like to be loved, women tend to immediately blame ourselves and think it's our fault or that something is wrong with us, usually something physical, but STOP IT!

I wish I knew who said this so I could give them credit but, "Your value doesn't decrease because of someone's inability to see your worth." I pass up stuff all the time at the mall because I simply can't afford it, or maybe it's not what I'm looking for. But that doesn't decrease the value of the item, nor it's usefulness and value to someone who is looking for that exact item.

Someone is praying for someone like you. Don't stress over someone who isn't for you, no matter how bad you want him to be that person.

Just you wait.... the journey isn't over. And the lessons continue next week.


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