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Lesson #5- Stop trying to fill in the spaces of romantic inactivity.

When we've been single for a while, especially those who are not used to being single, we begin to look for people to fill that space. We just need someone who will give us the attention we want, even if we know there's no future with him. Anybody really.

I'll be honest, I've never really done this. I have a brother and the thought of someone toying with my brothers emotions because they're bored makes me pretty angry, so I've never really done it to anyone else.

That doesn't mean I haven't been tempted to. I understand the temptation and the cycle of just moving from guy to guy searching for some sense of completeness that you'll never truly find. Here are some really good reasons you should stop hopping from guy to guy.

1. It will never cure you of loneliness or discontentment. It'll probably make it worse. Only a relationship with Christ can make you complete. Sure even the strongest of Christian singles get lonely, but it's not an emotion that drives them to consistently make unwise and/or sinful choices.

2. You're wasting your time and someone else's! My pet peeve is when I feel like someone has purposefully wasted my time. And getting romantically involved with someone you know there's no future with, is probably at the top of the list. It's completely selfish and wrong.

3. While you're busy hopping from man to man you could be missing out on the right one or delaying God bringing him to you because you're clearly not ready for a committed relationship.

4. You're also breaking yourself apart. Each guy you're with you end up sharing parts of your life and sometimes even parts of your body. And as much as you convince yourself it won't matter once you guys break up, it will. It always does.

5. You're not taking the time to know yourself. Know your likes and dislikes, know your strengths and weaknesses. And that's another lesson for next time.

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