We are Gomer

I lead a group of amazing youth and young adults at my local church called Kingdom Builders Ministries and currently we’ve been doing a study of Hosea. In preparation, this study has given me such a huge awareness of God’s love, his commitment and faithfulness to us. But wow…it has shown me how unfaithful I can be to God.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the book of Hosea, Hosea was a prophet chosen by God to bring a message to the nation of Israel that they had been unfaithful to him by seeking out other God’s when God had spent hundreds of years delivering them, protecting them, providing for them, blessing them, and loving them. But, because they were experiencing a time of economic prosperity due to their military conquests, they assumed they no longer needed God and began to serve wooden images. So, in order to convey the gravity of this message to the prophet so he could in turn convey the severity of God’s hurt and anger, he asked Hosea to marry a prostitute. He didn’t tell Hosea to marry someone who used to be a prostitute and changed her ways. No he told him to marry someone who was currently a prostitute, and God told him that she was gonna be unfaithful to Hosea. Can you imagine?!?!

And God can’t lie so Gomer did exactly that, she kept leaving her husband to prostitute herself. No matter how many pleas Hosea made for her to be faithful and to remember the beautiful life he created for her, she longed for her life selling her body. She conceived two children that didn’t belong to Hosea. Bruhhhhhh, most of us have been cheated on, but can you imagine cheated on day after day and that person continues to bring home children that don’t belong to you? And you take them in? And Gomer tells her husband that she doesn’t want her and lives in finality. But guess what God tells Hosea to do? Go, find your wife.

And he does. Where does he find her? At the auction block, to be sold to the highest bidder. What does Hosea do? He buys back his wife. He doesn’t need to. I their marriage vows they most likely pledged themselves to each other ( I am my beloved and my beloved is mine). Yet, he pays for her, brings her home, speaks to her softly and forgives her.

I am Gomer. You are. We all are. This is a biblical picture of who we are and how God deals with our idolatry. An idol is anything that we allow to take the place of God. It is anything we look to for comfort, provision, direction, and guidance, other than God. And idol can be something good that we have twisted because we have allowed that good thing to replace God. We spend more time thinking about money, jobs, marriage, our relationships, our goals, more than we think about God and this idolatry leads us into more and more sin as we try to accomplish these things in our own way. God isn’t bringing us a godly spouse, so we just go find someone and make them godly, we gotta make more money so we take on so much overtime that we can’t spent time with the Lord, the only time we pray is to ask God to give us things we want, we want to know the plans for our life so we read our horoscope.

When we run to our idols, God views it as spiritual adultery. We’re cheating on God! We’re running off thinking that some other lover is better than the husband (God) who has provided a beautiful and loving home for us who has supplied everything for us! This brings tears to my eyes just thinking how many times I run off to do something on my own because I think God isn’t enough. Because I know the pain of cheating. I cringe to think how many times I’ve done this to God. And I weep in gratitude thinking of how even when God has to discipline me, how he has spoken to me gently and guided me back home, even though in no way do I deserve the beautiful life he’s given me. I’m so grateful for his love. So, so grateful.

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