Hate Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day….. for some this holiday is marked with happiness, for some frustration over having to by an expensive gift for a commercialized holiday, and for some it’s marked with sadness over singleness, a recent break up, or the loss of a partner.

There are many reasons people hate Valentine’s Day. Honestly as a single person, I love Valentine’s Day, sure let’s be 100% honest there are times I may feel some sadness over being single on Valentine’s Day, but that feeling is usually extremely short lived and fleeting. Why?

  1. Valentine’s Day is ONE day. If I wasn’t depressed about single life before, why should my whole perspective on how I view myself and my life change because stores are filled with red and pink hearts? Side note: even though jealousy is a sin and we have to celebrate for others, if you can’t handle opening social media on Valentine’s Day cause you’ll see all the happy couples (or seemingly happy couples) then don’t. Unplug for the day. Guard your heart. And I do pray that one day seeing a happy couple will make you joyful instead of resentful.

  2. Valentine’s Day is meant to be a celebration of love. It doesn’t always have to equate to romantic love. Look, kids give out cards to every gosh darn person in the class and they’re not dating so why can’t you celebrate maybe your friendships that day? Spend a little time with a kid that needs a little extra love, or give some flowers to a widow or a single mom. If you love to cook help them out with a meal. Anything is better than staying at home and moping.

  3. We have the greatest reason to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. God has already poured out his love for us. We cannot be loved anymore than we already are. You can put your pitchforks down…. I’m not that person who minimizes the loneliness that can come with singleness. However, if Jesus is not enough to satisfy you, then no man or women will ever be able to. In fact once you get bae, even if he or she is the perfect match for you, because you’ve elevated them above God you’ll eventually ruin that relationship. Because you’re asking for an imperfect person to complete you and they simply can’t. So after the newness wears off, the giddiness and the giggles, you’ll start to see their flaws and you’ll nitpick at them….constantly. Because you’re not allowing God to satisfy you, nothing else will. Who wants a miserable life like that?

There’s no need to hate Valentine’s Day because you’re single. Celebrate love in all the other relationships in your life, trust me, it’ll be a special day if you do.

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