Split Ends

On Saturday, I went to the hair dresser to get a trim. I was prepared for the lecture my stylist would give me...and I was right. She asked me why I did this to myself every time. Why did I let my split ends grow and grow until I had no choice but to cut off 4-5 inches of hair?

From the moment the split ends appeared I should've gone to the hair dresser for a trim. I would've only ended up losing maybe a half an inch of hair. But, nope I let them grow out until my hair was filled with unhealthy strands. My "trims" were more like actual cuts.

This time instead of tuning her out like I normally do and repeating this cycle in the next 6 months to a year, I actually thought, "Seriously, why do I do this year after year?" And in that other ways do I do this? How many times have I neglected to nip worry or low self-esteem in the bud? Usually, by the time I decide to handle it, I've already spent too much time crying over something that could've been solved by a decision to rest in God's word.

What split ends do you have?

When are you going to cut them literally and metaphorically?

#trust #repentance

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