Whatchu Know Bout Me?

My lip gloss isn't cool or popping, cause I don't have any. I hate lip gloss (lip stick or chapstick all the way...aight matte lip gloss is fire too).

Anyways, I've been confronting another layer of fear within me. I simply care too much what others think of me.

At the beginning of the year I decided to get out of my writing slump. I had to get back to consistently writing blogs and working on books. Even more difficult (for me), I had to become more comfortable with marketing myself and creating a brand. I was advised to start intently working on restructuring my website and social media pages. That meant I needed to consistently plan photoshoots to keep the content flowing on my site, that meant a lot more posting than I was used to. I do love photography and I LOVE videos, documenting and literally of aspect of film. So I didn't mind taking the pictures (although I'm still a TERRIBLE model, ask the photographers, they'll keep it 100) and I didn't mind goofing off on my IG stories.

But the first thing I said to all my friends is: "I don't want to do this because people will think I'm conceited if I post a lot." And I meant it. I really didn't want to. It took great effort to post and still to continue posting, each time I did I was gripped by thoughts that people were looking at their phone and computer screens thinking "Who does this girl think she is?". I was once again allowing my fear of rejection and misunderstanding keep me from doing something important. But, I'm so grateful for my friends who are not afraid to tell me about myself.

They reminded me that "Those people don't know you. But, they can. So what do you want to tell them?"

So here goes.

I think, no, I know, that I am a daughter of God, rescued by Christ's redemptive work on the cross and commissioned to spread the good news through writing. And so if posting a few pictures and making videos will help more of you come into contact with this blog or any of my books, then I will post a million times over. I could care less about the money. It's all for that one person that reads and says "now I can see Christ a bit more clearly".

And that's all I have to say about that.

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