I am afraid of bees…and wasps. And Miami is full of them. And get this, I love flowers. This is a pretty bad combination. About two weeks ago I stepped in a sunflower field and was shaking the entire time because there were bees buzzing everywhere. I even had to hold the photographer’s hand a couple times because I was so afraid. Why did I stay? Because I had to get a couple photos inside of the field before they cut down the sunflowers for sale. If I left, I would've missed my opportunity. Even though I was really scared, I tried to stay focused on the task at hand and didn’t leave until it was done.

There’s going to be bees. Bees of fear. Bees of doubt. Bees of bad habits and sins. Bees of condemnation and guilt. Literal bees.

People may sting you with their words, with their rejection. We're often frustrated, annoyed and fearful of the bees, but if the bees weren't there, the flowers wouldn't be either. Without adversity could we truly have any victories in life?

Stay focused. You have a job to do. To shine your light so that men may see and glorify your father in heaven. Complete the work your father has called you to. Don’t leave the field until the task is accomplished.

#focus #faith #trust #fear

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