Happy Birthday Mikaela!

Today is one of my best friends’ birthday.

Mikaela was the kid that used to bug me with her millions of text messages. She wanted a mentor so bad and let’s just say I wasn’t in the mood to be one. I had best friends already. Sure they were all guys who drove me nuts sometimes, but I was content with them. Truth is, I avoided her for a long time. I wasn’t a good mentor at all. My avoidance was pretty mean.

And one day I just felt like whatever, let me just give this girl a chance. Man, I was wrong. I didn’t give her a chance. She gave me the biggest opportunity and blessing to experience friendship.

My mentee became my friend and now my sister. There are times where she has had to cry on my shoulder and times that I have had to cry on hers. She’s been there when I’ve had my heart broken, when I’ve wrestled through sickness, unemployment, moving to NYC and back to Miami. She's been there when I was swollen from head to toe in hives, bought me ice cream when I got out of wisdom tooth surgery, cleaned up the bloody mess after I didn't listen to doctor's orders and took out my gauze too early, she's read every book, been an accountability partner, helped me get out of my shell, introduced me to the goodness of coffee, and gotten me addicted to GIFs. She’s supported my dreams and taken pictures the whole way through.

I’m not sure I could’ve done it without her. She's stopped me from giving up too many times to count. I’m sure she’ll say that I’ve taught her so much in these past 5 years , but she’s taught me how to enjoy the journey of life because I didn't have to do it alone anymore.

So my next book is dedicated to her cause she’s helped me water the soil of my life. She has helped me bloom and I realized we were always both blooming, just two different plants growing at different paces, in different ways, and together we made a pretty nice garden.

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