Do you often find yourself saying, "Why can't this just happen right now?" or "They're taking too long, I'm just going to do it myself." Are you one of those Christians (like me) that sometimes says, "God is taking too long. Let me get this done my way."

I once heard someone say, "Pretend that person or thing was a cake and they're in the oven. Why would you want to take that cake out before it's ready?" He made a lot of sense then, he makes even more sense now.

On Friday, I heard another friend say the same thing. The cake may have a good flavor that I originally mixed in, but the texture is gonna be nasty. I'm either gonna get hot batter complete with salmonella, or a cake that I can cut into, but it has a soft, mushy inside that's half baked, and probably still filled with salmonella. Regardless, my cake is gonna be gross because of my impatience.

Sometimes we think we're ready for the promise God has for us and we're not. We're just too full of everything else. We have no room to stomach the cake in the oven.

There's things God has promised to us. You may be getting tired of waiting for it. Yeah, me too. But, do I want it to be right? Or, do I just want it to be right now?

Maybe you're not pulling that thing out the oven, maybe you're just getting frustrated at the cake taking so long or you're getting frustrated with the oven itself. Regardless, it's not gonna do you any good. The cake has to be processed and at the right time it'll be ready and so will you. God always gives his best. Nothing he gives us is half-baked.


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