Sleeping Beauty

Does anyone remember that fairytale or the Disney movie? Aurora is this princess who is under a curse that causes her to be in a deep sleep until her true love kisses her and wakes her up. My family has pegged me with that name. Why? Cause I take naps just about every day or every other day. Don’t judge me, you don’t know my journey.

But, sometimes I think of another sleeping beauty in scripture. Adam.

When God was getting ready to create woman (Eve), he caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. God took a rib from Adam, formed Eve and when Adam woke up, there she was. Now, I wonder what Eve must’ve thought after she was created, and she was staring down at this sleeping man. Did she poke him awake? Did she kiss him awake? Did she think he was dead and shake him like a rag doll and slap the mess out of him?

I don’t know and maybe that’s the writer in me that tries to fill in the gaps with my imagination. There’s so many single women out there that feel like, I don’t know how to wake Adam up. He looks like he’s dead. You may think enticing him with kisses will do the trick, poking and nagging him to like you may work, you’ve tried changing yourself, being funny, being witty, holding a bullhorn to his ear, being the girl that’ll bake cookies for everyone, and nothing. All your fake alarms won’t work. This man just will not WAKE UP. So, you think “maybe I should just smack him”.

Trust me, you don’t have to do any of that. The person who put him to sleep in the first place, so that he could work on you, will wake him up all on his own. When he’s out of his sleep ladies, he’ll recognize you. You have his rib.

And I’ve never met a man who doesn’t chase down food that belongs to him.

*Eve has Adam’s food. She isn’t his food. She also has the sauce. I mean, come on, what’s a rib without the sauce??? Feminists all around the world, please don’t attack me. I come in peace and the belief of women being equally important in the eyes of God.

*P.S. Guys, don't worry I'm gonna come for the ladies next week.

#singleness #patience

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