Get Some Sleep

Guys, men, Adams all around the world, I promised to defend you this week, and I shall. Last week, I talked about the frustrations that women can feel as their metaphorical Adam sleeps. Please reference Genesis 2 or the blog Sleeping Beauty if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

But, this week I’m gonna tell the ladies’ something they may not wanna hear.

Let that man sleep!

There’s so many things that happen to us while we’re sleeping. Our minds our recharging, filtering, and organizing all the clutter so that we can have improved memory, attention, better moods, etc. but something really vital happens as well. As we sleep our bodies produces growth hormones. There’s a specific timeframe in our lives that our body does this. Which is precisely why parents are always telling their kid to go to bed early. One night of staying up won’t stunt their growth, but a pattern of sleep deprivation will. Clearly, I stayed up every night…Nah, I’m short because of genetics LOL.

God had an intention in letting Adam sleep like a comatose person. He was preparing him. Just like he’s preparing the Adam that you’re ready to throw your set up at if he doesn’t wake up. He’s got growing to do. Let him sleep. Go and enjoy the garden that God placed you in. Laugh, love others, be helpful, be innovative, travel, get your degrees, start your career, learn to cook, learn to rest in God's love and promises, find God's purpose for your life, and stay away from talking snakes.

I cannot promise each person that they will marry. I can't promise myself that. However, I know God doesn't tease us, if you have the desire and you commit it to him, he will meet it. He will provide a spouse or he will fill you with satisfaction in him. Sucks to hear that when you're single, I know. Truth can be a tough pill to swallow.But, the reality is, we shouldn't desire anything more than we desire God, even the goodness and gift of marriage. I have known unspeakable loneliness being in a relationship and I have known unspeakable joy being "alone". As a single woman, I do desire to be married and to have children someday. As a single woman, I can say that if being married will not help me bring more glory to God through my life, I will be content to remain a single woman investing in the lives of children as I do now. I'm not some ignorant nun. I am not satisfied every night to be alone. I'm almost 26 and a fully functioning woman. Contentment is something I pray about every day, trusting God to every day help meet all my needs.He has been so faithful to keep me as I choose to trust and honor him daily.

To sum it up, if God wrote in his plan that you will be married, your Adam will wake up. Don't let a timetable and societal expectations get you down. Don’t trust me. Trust God.

#singleness #patience

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