To Be Honest

I know with all the marketing for Bloom, the pep talks that I’ve given you through my blog, that I can come across like I’ve confidently got it all together. To be honest, I AM SO SCARED. Bloom is going to be released in just a few days, and I have a few surprises and tricks up my sleeve. I have an amazing opportunity to have a book signing at Books & Books, and I’m SHAKING. There’s a lot of times I feel like I can’t do this. Bloom is the most open and vulnerable I’ve been with a project, in hopes that it will help someone else. My insecurities sometimes rage at me. I have to daily fight wanting to perfect things in the novel. I’ve had to learn to let it be imperfectly perfect. Just like me.

I’ve thought so many times about just forgetting all of this, but then I know I’m going to get threats from just about everyone who has believed in this project and invested in it. To be honest, it’s not easy to do all of this. But, it’s so worth it and I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned writing Bloom, marketing Bloom, releasing it and most importantly living it. Throughout my writing career, people have always asked me, are you Hannah, Anaya, Eden, Naomi, Marcie, or Margie? My quick and honest answer was, no.

I cannot say that for Autumn, the main character of Bloom. While our situations, life story, and struggles may not be identical, Autumn is me.

That is why this has been the hardest book to write and release. People told me not to be this honest, that perhaps I should only talk about this once I was married and settled. But, I think I’d rather talk about it now. So that someone in the valley of discouragement knows that they have someone standing there too, I can hold your hand, and together we can walk out of that place, because finally I know the way out. Bloom embodies my struggle to trust God, not just in the area of singleness, but in all areas of my life. It also embodies my hopes for all he will do in and through me as I find my greatest delight in him alone. Thank you for taking this journey with me by reading my blog posts and I hope you take the journey with me as you read Bloom on May 14th.

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