For the longest time I felt like my life was in freeze frame. I knew things had to change, but I didn't know how they would, then it was that I didn't know when they would change and as time continued to go by, I didn't know if they would change.

Nothing did change, until I started to write Bloom. I had to confront my lack of faith, my lack of patience, my desires for control over my life, and my insecurities. It was a lot. This has been a tough period. Bloom was the hardest book to write. I'm grateful that I did, because even though not much has changed in my life, I feel so much hope on the horizon. God planted a seed somewhere deep in my heart, and I never knew why I felt so unfulfilled even with so many accomplishments until I dealt with all the fear stunting my growth. Now, I'm able to grow, I can be myself without fear, I can love and be loved now.

I am blooming.

So that little song in Chapter's real, it's happening. Stay tuned.

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