Who's that Girl?

Every day I’m so excited to see how blessed you guys have been by reading Bloom. This book was never to bring glory to myself, but to show how painful the process of letting go of fear, insecurity and the past is, and most importantly, how beautifully our lives can blossom and bloom when we accept the pace God has for our lives and trust him with it. Since the release date a lot of people have asked questions that can be summed up by this:

We know that Autumn is you Shai. But, just how much of Autumn was really you Shai?

These questions have been pretty funny at times, at least the way people asked them. While I will leave some mystery to it, I will clear up a few things.

1.Never have I ever been engaged. I’ve never tried to elope to Paris. I never will either. My family will kill me.

2.Yes, I have endured the embarrassment of being stood up….yeah, wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Rum raisin.

3.No, I honestly have never been jealous of a friend getting married. I have always been excited to be a bridesmaid and I LOVE attending weddings! The jealousy storyline was included because that’s a realistic struggle for many people.

4.Lastly, no I do not have a “Matt” in my life. Maybe someday, although I would never want him to feel like he had to live up to the fictional person that Matt is, or the fictional timeline of the relationship between Matt and Autumn. Truth be told, despite my openness for the book, Bloom, whenever “Matt” pops up in my life that will be something I will largely keep off social media until the right time.

So I hope that cleared up any questions about Autumn/Shai. Any more questions about Bloom? Comment below and I’d love to answer them.

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