There’s a lot of people that don’t believe that guys and girls can ever truly be friends. It’s the whole entire premise of How Harry Met Sally. I’m grateful that me and my two brothers Darian and Tim didn’t buy into that. We’ve known each other since we were eight, since they would get into fights after Sunday School because someone stole their girl or CapriSun. We lived through the spankings from talking too much during Bishop’s messages. I’ve risked getting suspended by hiding Darian in Coral Reef Senior High when he ditched his high school and came to mine cause he was bored. Tim has had to pick me up at the bus stop cause my car broke down. I’ve yelled at them too many times to count (Tim mostly). We’ve been through each other’s graduations, new jobs, moves, new apartments, breakups, health crises, everything. I’m so grateful for their friendship and for truly being brothers. They’ve rejected all my chick flicks on movie night, so we ended up watching karate films, superhero movies, or comedies. They’ve given me the low down on men when I didn’t have a clue, threatened to beat up dudes who bothered me, given me great advice and some dumb advice too. And now, I’m a bridesmaid in Darian’s wedding in 5 days and Tim’s wedding is less than a month away.

Being the only girl in the crew of Tim, Darian, and my brother, we had many nights over Tim’s house talking about what it would be like whenever we got married someday. It’s surreal that this is slowly becoming reality and I’ve been so excited. I’m so happy that my continuous threats that they treat their girlfriends with love and respect will end. Cause now I’ll just threaten them about treating their WIFE with love and respect.

They’ve never known this (until now) but I’ve always privately prayed all these years that God would bring them amazing women and new sisters to me. I’ve continued to pray for them and their fiancées and their names are frequently in my prayer journals throughout the years. God has truly answered my prayers for my brothers. Only Dj left….but him have nuff time. Nuh move too fast bredren.

I’m so excited to see them marry the loves of their lives, the women who have pushed them to be better men. Thank you ladies for being that missing puzzle piece in their lives. You are now their best friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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