Live off 40

Father's Day is coming up and I'll be sharing some lessons my dad, grandfathers, and important men in my life have taught me.

My dad has taught me a lot of lessons. My love for reading and writing started in Brooklyn just waiting up for him to finish his classes at Medgar Evers College and come home. I read books until he got home and then read some more around the table while he studied. My dad been an accountant back then taught me something that has impacted me for my whole life.

Live off 40.

When I was younger, if my dad gave me $10 he would tell me to immediately take away one dollar. Ten percent belongs to God. I wasn't giving God money, but if I expected to go to church every week how could I go if there were no lights, water, a building? Then he would say, you have no rent or mortgage, save half. So, another five dollars were taken. I was only left with $4. Only 40% of my original money. At first, I thought this was so evil. I could've had $10 or at least $9, but now all I had was $4. I honestly never tripped about the 10%, I was ok with giving to God, but the half situation? Nah son. But he kept doing this to me until I stopped fighting him about handing over 50% for savings.

I learned to automatically condition my mind to live off 40.

I'm so glad I did. What I thought was annoying, was the financial foundation I needed. My dad wanted me to be a woman that didn't have to scrape because of poor financial planning. He didn't want me to grow up and be a poor spender, saver and investor. Twenty years later, I still live off 40. That other 50% helped me when I needed a car to go to college, helped me through a year and a half of unemployment, helped me to fund my dreams to be a writer. The obedience of giving the 10% to God has reaped so many blessings in my life that has made the 40% stretch where I am able to live a life where I pay my bills, still do my girly stuff like get my hair and nails done, I still get to do fun stuff with my friends, travel, and the most important thing is that I still have the privilege to be a blessing to others.

Thank you Daddy for your wisdom. It didn't make sense when I was 6 and only wanted to chase down the ice truck or go to the corner store, but at 26 it makes so much sense now.

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