I've been thinking a lot about time. Well, time in relation to God’s promises. Trusting that God has the ability to do something impossible for me is not too hard for me. My challenge always comes with the timing. How long do I actually have to wait?

The longer the time, the harder it becomes for me to believe. I don’t question his power or ability. But the timespan makes me question God’s integrity. Is God really going to keep his promises? If God loved me, why would he keep me waiting so long, even in the midst of suffering.

Here are some things I rest in and I hope you can to:

  1. The greatest thing Christ could have done for me was provide salvation. No matter what happens to me or doesn’t happen for me, that simple fact will keep me completely secure.

  2. God keeps no one waiting unless he sees it is good for them to wait. He promised to renew my strength as I wait.

  3. I was never promised immunity from hardship, frustration, or suffering. I was always promised an immeasurable amount of grace to help me through it.

  4. So many people in the Bible had to wait for years…. It didn’t change the fulfillment of the promise. No matter how long he takes, I’ve seen in the life of Abraham and Sarah, David, Joseph, and so many others, that he gave them enough time to enjoy the blessings he gave them. God doesn’t abide by our timetables.

  5. God loves me and always wants what is best for me. Even if I do not see the goodness in a situation I am facing, he does. Anything that draws me closer to him is good.

  6. God values his own word above his very name. No word returns to him void. He can’t lie.

  7. He is with me in my waiting, molding me, giving me grace, love, guidance, providing me with his joy that will always be my strength.

#wait #patience #trust

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