“The more you tense up is the more it’ll hurt.” I feel like I’ve heard that on replay throughout my life. Doctor’s offices, physical therapy, even getting a massage. It’s an unconscious thing that happens; when we feel pain, we tense up. The same happens emotionally. We tense up, we throw pity parties, we become defensive, we cry, we do so many things that don’t actually help the problem. In fact, what begins to happen is that we start to avoid that thing that has caused us pain in the past.

I, as well as others I’ve known have all experienced nausea. Once, it was so bad that I avoided eating or drinking to avoid throwing up. I didn’t want to deal with the feeling. Well, guess what? After a whole day of not eating; I was in REAL pain. Doubled over in pain. I hadn't actually thrown up, but the fear of it caused me to make a really dumb decision. Guess what? I ended up having to drink the tea I avoided, and I DIDN’T throw up.

A lot of times we avoid the cure that only the word of God, or godly wisdom can give us, because it seems too hard to do. Instead, we settle for our limited human wisdom that usually causes us confusion and pain and we end up having to run back to the word of God. Think of all the time we would save. Think of all the pain we could avoid.


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