Brick by Brick


When Moses left the children of Israel to go to the mountain and get the Ten Commandments, scripture says that the people said, “God is taking too long.” So they essentially said, "Yo Aaron, make us a god that can guide us cause we don’t know what happened to this other god that delivered us from the Egyptians, by bringing plagues, but protecting us from them, and parted the sea and let us walk on the dry land of a sea that should’ve been muddy, that swallowed back up the Egyptians and has been feeding us and showing us where to go. But, you know it’s been like 40 days son and we tired of waiting."

So Aaron said "aight cool, Miriam give me your gold earring with your name in them, Nadab, give me your gold chain, we gonna melt this stuff and we’re gonna make it into the shape of a calf". The Israelites have a history of creating golden calves and I didn’t get it. A calf? Why not a majestic lion?

But you see the people created calves because that’s what other nations did, and the Israelites although being affirmed time and time again that they were special, they wanted so desperately to be like the other nations. Just like us, God tells us we are sanctified, we are chosen, we are a royal priesthood and we say, "nah God, I wanna be like the celebrities, I wanna dress like them, I wanna be rich like them so I can post it on social media and everyone knows I made it." We mask these things and say oh but I’m gonna give money to charity, it’s not like I’m posting nudes, but the intent of the heart is there, the intent is to worship something else other than God.

So we take our time imagining and fashioning these idols in our lives built upon self, possessions, and positions. Where our mind is, our body follows, we take our time and we invest in chasing after ourselves, possessions and positions. We spend money on the clothes, the cars, the food, we spend hours and hours on social media, we spend time chasing the positions, investing in relationships that we elevated above our relationship with God.

When the Moses’ in our lives (our friends and family who trust in God) point out to us that we have an idol, we shift the blame. Just like Aaron we say I don’t know how that golden calf got there, they gave me their jewelry and I threw it in the fire and bam the fraud charge, the drug or pornography addiction, the fornication, the adultery, the gluttony, the greed, the obsession, the GOLDEN calf came out!

That thing didn’t just come out. We made it. We spent time thinking about it, investing in it, we pawned your gold to make it, we watched the gold melt away, we took that gold and shaped it into what we wanted it to be. A god like all the other nations.


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