I say a lot of jacked stuff about myself.

I'll never be able to [insert challenge I presently have]

I can't do that.

It'll always be this way.

I'm stupid.

I'm ugly.

This day is going to be rough.

I don't think I'll be able to accomplish that.

This line has been ringing over and over in my ear for the past two months and I figured the Holy Spirit was using all these various people, preachers on the radio, blog writers, sermons to relay a message to me.


There's so much power in our words. Remember that God created through words, he has breathed his breath in us, Christ has given us the authority through his name. What we speak goes so much deeper than just the words tumbling out of our mouth. The words are there because they are driven by belief. That's the ACTUAL POWER! We say negative things about ourselves, our lives, the people around us, because we believe them. Our faith is powerful. What we believe, we manifest. If I never believe I'll be able to do something, I never will, because I will never be motivated to see beyond my limitations. I will never have the faith to place that limitation in God's limitless hands and see what he can do with it.

Now, this is not a conversation for you to wake up and believe in something that's completely ridiculous and say, "Lord you promised that if I believed and confessed and prayed that you would make sure that one day you'd give electrical powers, so I could become Static Shock". So, I'm going to believe by faith and go outside in an open field during a Floridian Lightning Storm. You may be Static Shock... in heaven.

God is asking us to believe what he says us. God is asking us to trust him with our lives and the things that keep us awake at nights. God is asking us to trust his character: that he's a good father, that he loves us, that all powerful, all knowing, ever present, and all wise. God is asking us to use our words carefully, to tame our tongue from complaining and speaking curses over ourselves and others. He's asking us to be renewed in our minds, to be fixed on him, instead of ourselves and our problems. That way our belief is focused on him and then our lips can also be focused on saying what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy...because that's what we're thinking about.

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