Conceal Those Cards!

Proverbs 10:14 The wise don't tell everything they know, but the foolish talk too much and are ruined.

I am a pretty open person, of course I don’t say EVERYTHING on my mind, and I DEFINITELY guard others privacy. I just happen to not be as guarded over myself as I should've been. Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made concerning friendships and relationships is revealing my feelings or just too much info about myself too soon. Open book, probs. Sometimes, as Christians because we know biblically that we can’t accelerate the physical intimacy of our relationship too soon, we completely floor it on the emotional intimacy tip. Fresh into this new relationship and they already know every aspect of our past, our hurts, our fears... although this seem romantic, it may not be wise. Think about it this way, if this relationship were to end, would I regret sharing this information at this point in the relationship?

Sure, eventually we have to open up, we can't keep secrets or we'll end up in a disaster. But reservation for the right time to share is KEY. I can’t tell you when’s the perfect time to open up and show all your cards, but I can tell you that each relationship we enter into, especially romantic ones, should be entered into watchfully and prayerfully, that takes time, and a whole lot guidance. So don’t show your cards just yet, put each card down in turn and let things flow naturally.

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