Wild Card

When you get a wild card, you get to choose the color. God allows us to choose our romantic partners. He asks us to use his guidelines (a solid person who is following Christ and obedient to him) and hey they rest is up to you. Do you like tall or short people? Funny or serious? Curly or straight hair? Whatever your preferences are, have at it. However, we can’t strictly hold to personal preferences that have nothing to do with actual godly living. For instance, you may love curly hair but meet a wonderful person with straight hair. Are you really going to walk away from this person based on this preference? There are certain preferences that may actually affect your lifestyle like where you want to live, careers, etc. But things like music presences or fashion sense don’t hold as much weight. So, it’s ok to have preferences, but don’t get so attached to them. The wild thing about relationships is that sometimes you find that special chemistry with the person you least expected to have it with. So put down your wild card, say your color and let the person match it.

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