You're Not a Reject

Recently I’ve realized that one of the greatest battles I’ve had in my life was learning when and how to let go. This new series is going to be about major areas I’ve had to learn to let go in order for my relationship with God and my relationships with others to flourish. One of the major areas has been REJECTION. I’ve struggled with feelings of rejection since childhood. Feeling looked over, underestimated, unappreciated, and abandoned. Quite often I would take words said from the past and actions from people way in the past and project it onto being in my present. Suspicious of whoever was being nice to me so that ultimately when they left due to my stonewalling them I could turn around and say, “See! Everyone rejects me!”. All along deep down I had long before rejected myself by believing the lies of others and the lies from Satan about my identity and worth. But the reality is that sometimes it is not always a mind game. People are going to reject us. It’s a part of life. But I’ve grown to realize two things: No one can make me feel inferior without my consent (Eleanor Roosevelt) and that all of the rejections I’ve faced in my life have actually been redirections.

Although I know for some rejections from colleges or jobs and things of that nature can feel devastating, that has not been my struggle. I’ve more often struggled with relational rejection (friends, family, romantic interests). I wished so hard that I could emotionally bounce back from those at the same rate I can easily shrug my shoulders when the college or job of my choice says, “sorry, we think we have more qualified candidates.” But, through some tough moments and heart to hearts with the Lord, I’ve found that every time a guy told me he was uninterested, or a friend stopped wanting to hang out, that I had a choice to make. I could wallow in that feeling of rejection that led to self -loathing or I could see this for what it really was: a redirection. When you have a SOVEREIGN FATHER who you know is ALWAYS GOOD, LOVES YOU, SEES this coming before you do, and has a GREAT PLAN for your GOOD, then rejection from humans is endurable. I didn’t say easy. But, it is endurable.

Each time I’ve faced a major rejection, I’ve always been put on a path right after that brought amazing opportunities and people into my life. Now I look back and realized, I could’ve healed much faster from these disappointments had I just remembered how good my Father is! I didn’t need to hold on so dearly to a relationship that was crumbling and ripping my heart to shreds. I always had to the freedom to let go and let God redirect my path.


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