You're My Security

I’ve written a couple posts on insecurity, so I want to write about it in a way I haven’t before. What we believe about ourselves is REALLY important. Why? It’s often in direct correlation with what we believe about God. If I believe that God is all wise and all good and that he made me as an image bearer of who he is, then how I believe that I am worthless, ugly, or stupid? But aren’t these the things we often believe and say about ourselves?

I would fight someone who said the things I say or think about myself. How is this ok? I should be the nicest person to myself! The world is harsh enough! In order for us to move into the calling that God has on each and every one of our lives we have to stop believing lies about ourselves and lies about God. We have free will, so if God is saying to you I’m calling you to be a great teacher, doctor, evangelist, missionary, mother, mentor, singer, dancer, whatever it is, but you keep saying I’m not smart enough, eloquent, or strong enough, then you will remain where you are. You ill limit what God can and wants to do through you. That’s just too costly. There are people waiting out there in the world for YOU. There’s a closeness God wants to with you that can only be achieved when you let go of your insecurity and find your security in him and in him alone.


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