21 Lessons- Wake Up With Gratitude

20 weeks left! So here's the next lesson I've learned. The second lesson I'll share is to wake up with fresh gratitude each day. Gratitude is the cure for an anxious mind (Phil 4:6), it is the sure way to be in the will of the Lord (1 Thess 5:18), and it promotes peace and unity (Col 3:15).

There are too many benefits of gratitude to name. Yet, it is something we often struggle to do as Christians. For me, it was much easier to recognize everything going wrong, or things that could go wrong, that by the time those thoughts permeated my mind and heart, it was hard for me to figure out what was actually going right. I actually had much more going for me, than going wrong, but ingratitude had me fooled.

My habit of complaining eventually seeped into every area and I found myself complaining about the very things in my life I had prayed so intentionally. I couldn't find the joy in things and I was driving myself and everyone around me nuts. The Holy Spirit convicted me of this and since then I can see a complete change. My mind is no longer riddled with anxiety and fear. When there's so much to give thanks for and when you remember the faithfulness of God, who has room to dwell on fearful things? Who has room to think about complaints?

Allowing the Spirit to transform this area of my life, has transformed so many other areas, and I challenge you to allow Him to do the same.

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