21 Lessons- Communication is Key

I'm a recovering interrupter. There I said it.

I never realized how much I listened to respond, rather than just listen, until I got in a relationship with someone who literally studied communication. I'm that person that tries to finish your sentences or thoughts, or assumes I know your motives, etc. Yeah, no bueno. I didn't ask a ton of questions cause I assumed that I either knew the answer already or that if you wanted to tell me, you would.

Man, I had a lot to learn.

It's been hard to break this habit, but it's been really, really good to. It's enhanced not just my communication with Micah, but with others in my life as well. If you're an interrupter as well, I would encourage you to listen, actually listen when someone is speaking, don't think about your response, don't think about your words of wisdom or your defense, just listen to what they're saying.

It's great. Trust me.

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