21 Lessons- Enjoy the Moment

My brain is often in a million places. Usually in the future. A struggle for me is to fully enjoy and embrace my present. I often have to be reminded to enjoy the moments. The recent passing of Lois Evans, who was someone I highly looked up to, was a sobering reminder that while it’s important to plan and think about my future, that enjoying the present moments are so important. It has given me a fresh awareness that what I do now, what I choose to dedicate my time to, should be weighed by what is eternally valuable. Daily, I am examining my life and making adjustments so that my present aligns with the purpose that God has for me. Daily, I am learning to enjoy the moments that I am given , knowing that these moments come and go so quickly, knowing that one day I’ll be reminiscing on them and hoping to relive them once more.

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