21 Lessons- Same Team

One of people’s biggest mistakes in an argument or disagreement with a significant other is that we forget that we are supposed to be on the same team. We should be working together to figure out how to solve this problem, instead of viewing each other as the problem. It’s really hard to remember this in the midst of feeling right, in the midst of annoyance, frustration and anger. For everyone who’s played a sport, you get mad at your teammates everyday, they make blunders on the field or court, they sometimes ball hog, they may cost you a point in a game, but you never stop the game to throw hands with your teammate. As frustrated as you are, you know it’s counterproductive. Cause you’ve got a game to play, with a real opponent that would love to see your team divided. So you take that timeout to talk, you figure out how to reconvene, and you head back out on the court ready to fight against the real enemy, ready to win....together.

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