Cancel Culture

I won't beat around the bush with this. Cancel Culture is wrong. Socially it is damaging. Biblically it is evil. Cancel culture is based on a system of self-righteousness that leaves little to no room for restoration and instead works on creating greater divides between us. As Christians we must always be committed to the idea that people can be radically transformed by Christ. Canceling people negates this truth. While the world has adopted this mentality and practice, the church isn't exempt. We've been practicing this for years and it should stop. For background, please read my previous blog post called "Putting People on Blast"

I do not believe that a financial boycott is wrong. For example, many have chosen to Mute R. Kelly? Why? Because due to his lack of remorse over his crimes, funding him, gives him financial means to continue to intimidate women and use his funds to get away with his crimes and continue them. During the Civil Rights Movement protestors stopped using the buses in order to send a message, once their goals were achieved, usage of the bus system resumed. What I am talking about is deep sea diving through people's tweets and finding something that they said or did 10 years ago and even after that person has apologized and sought restitution, being unwillingly to accept that people can grow and evolve in their thinking.

As I've been harping on for the past couple of weeks: DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS BY A STANDARD THAT YOU CAN'T LIVE WITH.

You can be absolutely justified that your particular stance on an issue is right and theirs is wrong. Peter was right in motive to protect Jesus from those coming to arrest him, but wrong in action by cutting off the soldier's ear. Remember Jesus' words to him "Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword." If you live to cut others down, you will also be cut down as well. Are you ok with the prospect of that? "We do not overcome evil with evil, but we overcome evil with good."- Romans 12:21

I will use myself as an example, Pastor Jentezen Franklin and I have different political beliefs. He is not canceled for me. Although, we have that difference, I still believe that he is an amazing minister. So, I will use two of his quotes as a wrap up.

"Guilt and shame are ineffective as motivation for change."

"Driving a wedge between those we perceive in error makes it harder for them to see the light."

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