I know by this point we're probably over talking about this word that dominated the summer. One of the parts of Jada and Will's widely viewed Red Table Talk is that she avoided saying the word "relationship"/"affair", and instead kept saying "entanglement". We laughed, made memes and watched people on podcasts and videos breakdown how messed up it was that she wouldn't readily admit to any wrongdoing.

Are we any different? Do you make excuses for sin by just calling it a mistake or a slip up? Do we excuse it by saying, that's just the way I am? Or that "God knows my heart"? Do we struggle to call sin what it is? Do we still live with nostalgic thoughts about our sin?

What the world criticized Jada for in that moment was her lack of confession and remorse. Confession is to call it what it is. Confession for the believer is to say what God says about our sin. That it's wrong, that it's evil, that it separates us from him, that we need to repent, that there is grace and forgiveness available for us when we decide to turn away from that sin.

There is nothing good about what God has called evil. There is nothing good about what separates us from him, because he is the embodiment of goodness. Nostalgia over our past sinful escapades is enticing, but really twisted. The bible refers to it as returning to your vomit. Who feels nostalgic about the last time we threw up? Unless, our minds have deceived us into forgetting the smell and the pain as we heaved, how our stomachs twisted in pain, how our throats gagged and hurt. I hope you feel uncomfortable with my illustration. I hope you feel just as uncomfortable whenever you think back to your previous sins.

Yet, I hope it makes you all the more grateful for his grace.

For freedom did Christ set us free: stand fast therefore, and be not entangled again in a yoke of bondage.- Galatians 5:1

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