Love Like Jesus: Part 2

Last week we talked about Jesus’ submission to God the Father and that everything that Jesus did here on Earth were things that he say his Father already doing or things he had been given authority to do by his father.

So something I’ve noticed is this weird myth that’s definitely not biblical. People tend to classify God the Father as the mean or harsh version of God and Jesus as the nice and loving one. Well, Jesus dismisses this myth with his statement in John 5:19, loving like Jesus is loving like God the Father because he and his father are one (John 10:30). So God the Father is just as loving as Jesus Christ and Jesus is Christ is just as committed to righteousness, holiness, and justice as God the father.

So some of the poignant acts of love that we see Jesus display is that he has this immense compassion for those who have been discarded by society, he welcomes those who had been considered unclean due to professions in prostitution, tax collecting/swindling, those who were medically sick, those who were poor and hungry to draw near to him and receive forgiveness, healing, food, whatever they needed. We also see him do the ultimate act of love which is to die for the sins of humanity, those he knew loved or hated him.

His love, never kept him from telling people the truth (what sin truly is and that we are all sinners in need of him as a savior). Yet, his love was always patient, kind, not envious, humble, honored others, selfless, not irritable, forgiving, and never rejoiced with what scriptures has deemed evil. It always protected, trusted, hoped and preserved.

That type of love is perfect… and really hard to do in our own strength.

So let’s pray this week for God’s strength to help us to love more like him.

Lord, we thank you for the example of love that you have left for us by the things you have done and the life that Jesus lived. Help us to love like you you do. Help us to be selfless, patient, kind, forgiving, humble, truthful, faithful, and all the attributes of your love. Help us to not just love those who love us, but to love even those we may consider our enemies.

In Jesus Name, Amen

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