Motherhood: Childhood

Hey moms and future moms! This week we're continuing to explore how we can display the fruit of the Spirit throughout motherhood. Here's some advice that came in from a mom.

“Communication…even with a 5 year old is key. Talk to them, they understand more than you can imagine.”

Communication is a KEY component to how we parent and is something we'll have to be guided by the Word of God to do well.

  1. Peace- We should aim to have homes that are peaceful. That doesn’t mean quiet. But it can mean watching how you speak to or around your little one. They are soaking in everything about how to communicate and how to handle the stresses of life from you.

  2. Patience- It’s hard to be patient when you’re simply exhausted. Especially if you realize that you’re having to repeat yourself multiple times. “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” (Proverbs 16:24) Usually our impatience is what causes us to lash out. Remember daily the patience that God displays with you, perhaps this will give you greater patience with your little one (and lots of gratitude for the Lord!).

  3. Kindness- We should model well how we should talk about others. When we make mean comments about someone’s weight, skin, culture, religion, etc, we teach our child how to treat others and also how to feel about themselves. Be kind.

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