Reclaiming Easter Series

Hi everyone! Here's the complete playlist for the Reclaiming Easter series.

Now, my heart behind this series is to really tell the gospel story and to understand why the resurrection is such a vital part of the Christian faith. Many Christians and churches only visit the story of the resurrection only once for the year (around Easter) and then the significance of the resurrection gets drowned out in the commercialization of the holiday and other things that can take away from the importance of the event that occurred when Jesus rose from the dead. My prayer is that through this series, those who have never heard a full explanation of the gospel will, and for those who have been in church or maybe celebrated Resurrection Sunday every year, will look at the resurrection with fresh wonder and with fresh worship for our Lord, Savior and the Risen King!

Week 1: The Problem of Sin

Week 2: Who is Jesus? Why is he the only remedy for sin?

Week 3: What is atonement? Why is it needed? Why did Jesus have to die?

Week 4: Is the resurrection true? Why is the resurrection even important?

Week 5: What is our hope as believers in the death and resurrection of Christ?

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