The Road to Our Wedding

May 3, 2020 was the best day of my life. Even though I was getting married in a pandemic, even though I could only have ten people present, including my husband and I. Even though, the wedding day started late because I forgot my bouquet at home in my haste to make it there on time. It was the BEST day ever.

I've never shared any of this on my blog and I hope you find encouragement from it. My story might not be like how yours has been or even how yours will turn out. I have drawn from the strength of other women who have shared their stories with me over the years, women whose love stories are so different than mine.

Before I met Micah, I so badly wanted to grand romance. So badly, it led me to make some really dumb and embarrassing decisions. It was such an idol in my life. In August 2018, I finally let it go. My greatest romance would have to be Christ, even if that meant a life of being single forever. I won't lie and say that I was completely content with that, but I was slowly giving that area back to God instead of trying to control it. Jesus was now able to change me and to ultimately give me the desires of my heart because I was fully delighting myself in Him.

On November 13, 2018, I wrote in my prayer journal. I can still see the parts where tears had seeped onto the paper where I asked God to help me to follow Him and not to go back to the place of desiring anything above Him. The very next morning, I woke up to a text with someone attempting to set me up on a date with Micah. I was completely nervous and actually wanted to say NO. Every blind date has always turned out horribly for me. Before I could even write out the polite decline, I felt God giving me a deep sense of peace. That peace was also given to my parents, to my brother, and to Micah who also wasn't too keen on being set up on a blind date. Micah and I exchanged numbers and eventually went on our first date on December 1, 2018. We never stopped seeing each other since that date. That peace has followed us throughout our courtship, our engagement, our disagreements, our mountaintop experiences and our valleys. That peace was with us in the hospital when the doctor told me I would need surgery to remove masses from my uterus, it was with me when I made the decision not to, it was with us when the pandemic postponed the large wedding we had planned, and with us when we decided to still proceed with our May 3rd date. That peace was with me as I held my Dad's arm and walked across the green lawn towards Micah in a dress that I had bought in February 2018 for $100 from TJ Maxx and had tried to sell multiple times to no avail.

This was the best day because it was the day that I realized that Romans 8:28 was 100% TRUE. Not one second of my experiences and not one second of the single life was wasted. Even the embarrassing parts like having a wedding dress in your possession before you even have boyfriend in sight (y'all do not follow me and do that).

God used it all. He worked every part of my past and present, and the plans for the future to weave together the grandest romance that I could not have written myself . None of what happened was ever in my plan or on my list. I would've loved to have met Micah when we crossed paths 7 years prior to our first date, I would've loved if we had kids before these masses grew, I would've loved to have all of our family and friends present at our originally planned wedding. That was not God's plan. God's plan has taught me a lot more than my plan of ease. God's plan was better than I imagined it would ever be. Better than my plan could ever be. God's plan was and always is perfect.

So, like this unfinished chapel, Micah and I are both undone. We are a work in progress individually and collectively. We have rough edges, maybe some nails on the floor. Currently, we are beautiful , but my, my, my, when he's finished with us, we will be glorious.

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